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Heyo. made a sub for people to debate religious topics, thought there might be some interest.

Hey! I created a Subreddit for people of all religious orientations to have an honest discussion and debate about religious topics without invading each-others subs, r/thegodquestion ! People of all faiths and lack thereof are welcome, and there are ground rules and stuff. make sure to read rules before you post but honestly just keep an open mind, have an honest debate, and have a good time. Hit me up in messages if you would like to be a moderator. I didnt know if maybe some people here might be interested in debating some people of other faiths on neutral ground, so I figured I’d invite this sub. Ill be leaving an invite to people in both atheist and religious subs, and I really hope see you there! (I was informed after creating the sub that there is a larger sub that is similar, but I aim for this to be a more chill and open discussion)

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