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Hey Jews, what do your describe your race as. On tests, forms, or polls I don’t know what to put.

I have ancestors Who are in Yemenite, Afghan, Egyptian, Ashkenazi, and Spanish. And so while I look kind of white, I’m not. If I lived in a middle eastern country like Yemen I could blend in easily. My skin is dark olive even if it’s not as brown as others. Plus Jews always are separated from the demographic they hail from. Many people see Jews from America as Jews rather than Jewish Americans. A Jew from anywhere is always gonna eventually be seen as just a Jew. Just look at Germany during the Weimar Republic.

As a result I see myself and Jews as our own separate “race.” I’ve been told that opinion only proves people who try to other us right but I see it as accepting a disturbing yet realistic truth.

Technically the concept of race is bs. Human skin pigmentation varys so much that those lines are constantly blurred. The fact that I have never seen a middle eastern option in a form astounds me. I have a Brazilian stepbrother who looks black but wouldn’t be considered that way in Brazil. When you go to Israel you see many Ethiopian black Jews every block. But despite being black they were perceived as different from other Ethiopians just as white Ashkenazi Jews are being treated in America. We are lumped with white people but are treated differently.

What do you do. I am tired of being called white and being told I don’t face racism. There have been times in school where I try to put a Jewish perspective on racial issues and have been dismissed for “not understanding.” We may be the oldest minority/ marginalized group for being monotheists, not Christians, and then being racially impure. Despite being very diverse we are lumped into one category.

What do you guys think? Do your feel the same. Is calling ourselves a race a way to survive.

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