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Hey i would like to have a discussion with a jew who has some knowledge about the jewish mystic.

First of all shalom! My journey into jewish mystic started with a YT symphosium which was actually really hard to understand and then later, i’d tried some “get into” Kabbalah sources to understand at least the essence.

My first question here is the Zohar (the book of light?) which was by far the most inspired part for me is just a part of the the Kabbalah? And the Kabbalah is the whole complex?

Next i have to mentioned it, the reason why i dig into this is. People around me are spreading much hate about jews right now and my maxime was always first educate yourself, listen to both sides then make a conclusion. So all started with the Qliphoth and the Sitra Achra which was mentioned as a evil jewish cult with much magick rites and sacrifice stuff.

Even if that would be true like ancient canaanite rituals worshipped Baal , Moloch, and Astarte i will never judge or mark a race/religion by the deeds of some tribes/groups.Also it was a long time ago where the Phoenecian lived. And every person should be judged for his own actions.

Back to the top and i hope my crappy english dosen’t twisted my words or the context.

So the Zohar is the light right handed path and the Sitra Achra the left handed?

And the Qliphoth is the realm where Elohim/YHWH cannot exist (like a negative sphere?) because the Sephiroth tree has and exact opposite schema for this dimenson. But Baal does? How? Is he banned or caged like Lucifer in hell?

What is the opposite of this realm?

And the emanation process of the Zohar (btw. brilliant theory for achieving transcendence) is not possible there hence the fact that the flow is stopped….yeah here is a major plot hole for my goy brain^^

Last question about the Pantheon. I’ve always thought YHWH is the equivalent to Allah or God, but then i heard that Elohim is also an entity which fit in this hierachy as the supreme being.

Are there subcultures in your community or is there something like the new testament where the Rabbis formed a united form of Judaism( i have heared in ancient times this deity aspect YHWH/Elohim was different form location or even from family to family)

And last but not least are jewish mystic and judaism contradict themself or are just different views above the same topic with other approach?

I hope you can englight me with greater wisdom and the harmony your religion offers.


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