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Here goes nothing

This is a second account because my parents know my main and I don’t think they’d approve. I’m currently too young to convert but I’m very sure I want to be Jewish. I was raised Christian but stopped going to church at around 12 because I didn’t agree with the idea of Jesus as a prophet or “divine being “. However I still believed in G-d so it felt wrong to be an atheist and I only believed in one G-d . I also disagreed with the New Testament because it felt like a different G-d to the Old Testament . Ive done some research and spoken to my Jewish friend and I just feel very strongly connected with Judaism more than Christianity or another religion. If and when the time comes , my nearest reform synagogue is at least an hour away and my family doesn’t own a car. I get that my opinions may change as I get older but if they don’t how would I start considering the distance and lack of Jewish people in my town?

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