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Help with ethical interpretation

I have a friend at shul who also functions as something of a mentor, since I got lucky since he works from home in an industry I’m interested in located far away (Manhattan) from where I live.

We talk about wall st. and banking and business a lot.

My friend sometimes tells me stuff like “(Jewish Hedge fund manager’s name) isn’t (known as?) a very nice guy.”

Or “(Goyische fund manager’s name) is an ass.”

Or that a certain hedge fund is failing (publicly information however) and how things look grim for them.

Recently, he passed some publicly available tech industry gossip/drama taking place on Twitter.

I take lashon hara very seriously and have trouble judging people’s character.

Right now, I’m trying to start a business, and I don’t really have any mentors besides him. I think I need guidance, but I worry that guidance from the wrong person could end up with me being gossiped about.

But he’s the best friend that I have in the Jewish community, as far as being available and willing to help me and discuss my career and share professional knowledge. And he is very smart/intellectual. Went to an Ivy and apparently works on wall st (though I have no proof of that).

1) Is this friend displaying red flags?

2) How do we talk about businesses and hedge fund managers and business owners without committing lashon hara?

3) How do you assess character?

4) How can I make friends who don’t commit lashon hara?

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