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Help understanding a religious Verse

Hi there, to clarify I am a Christian, but I am looking for some Jewish Understanding of stuff in the Old Testament, or the Torah. Specifically on 1 Samuel 15:3 Where God commands the Destruction of the Amalekites, and how this can be seen as going against the idea that God Is Love.

Now in my mind how I’ve seen and justified it, is that God is commanding this basically rather then a. “DESTROY THEM ALL.” Kind of way, moreso. “I know what will happen if you don’t, it will end badly, you must, or else all will be lost.” kind of way, but still that leaves, nasty implications.

How have various Rabbis, and others understood this verse, and where could I get sources, on the “Problematic Verses.” of the Old Testament/Torah, from a Judaic perspective, as I am curious.

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