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Help please— I’m getting married and I’m kind of a let down to my ancestors.

Hello all, let me start this by saying I am what I refer to as “Jew-ish (insert wavering hand motion). My parents, their parents, and their parents parents are Jewish, but I was raised in a non-practicing household. Despite my lack of religiousness, I still identify as Jewish because my great-grandmother did not leave everything thing she knew and loved as a child to move to a new country to escape persecution just for some ungrateful great-child to denounce her identity nearly a century later.

Anyway, I am getting married in August and would love to incorporate some Jewish tradition into my wedding, particularly the glass breaking. Growing up I always loved and admired a photo of my father breaking glass at my parents’ wedding. I also love the reminder that in even our most joy we must not forget those suffering as well as the permanence of transitioning to marriage. However I am afraid that as I don’t practice actively, it may be cultural appropriation?

Any insight would be helpful! I am a chronic over-thinker who is already pretty nervous naturally and pretty guilt-ridden over being such a terrible Jewish person.

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