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Help on what to pair with Matoh for the Feast of unleavened bread

I see I have a typo in the title. That’s supposed to say Matzoh. Sorry.

I wanna start by saying I’m Christian and German-Canadian, so I’ve never had any experience with Passover besides reading about it. I’m wanting to try to make a Passover meal for my family, as today corresponds to the last supper (for us Christians). I want to make it as authentic as possible, but again, don’t know much about it besides it being called the feast of unleavened bread. I found some recipies for Matzah/Matzoh, but I can’t find anywhere what I should pair with it.

Since you guys celebrate Passover much more frequently than I ever have, what are some things to cook/prepare/serve alongside Matzoh? What should I make that would compliment the meal well? Or is it just the flatbread that’s eaten for this meal? Anything I should avoid, as it doesn’t pair well/is inauthentic/ect? Any advice would be greatly appreciated, recipies even more so. Thanks in advance, may the Lord YHWH bless you all.

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