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Help me understand Bnei Anusim

I can pretty confidently trace my paternal family tree to a 16th century Spaniard from a relatively small town. It turns out near this same small town someone with my surname was tried by the inquisition for Judaism.

It would also turn out that records state every other family with my surname from this small region were also Jewish. The ancestor wasn’t publicly Jewish and acted as a colonizer for Spain in Mexico, of course we know that doesn’t mean he wasn’t secretly Jewish. In regards to crypto-judaism, I wouldn’t say my family is heavily Jewish traditionally, at least not in recent generations, though I’ve noticed an aversion (but not total) to pork. We’re catholic but even my father and grandfather who are old, are not very particularly religious.

What exactly does this mean for me ? I’m not Halakhically Jewish of course, so am I a Zera Yisrael or would that also not apply since its paternal? Basically, what, if any, connection do I have to Judaism, considering this was 400 years ago and paternal. Any help appreciated.

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