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Help me learn about the lost history of Eastern European Jews

Hi there,

I’m currently obsessed with the Yiddish-speaking culture that once existed in such a huge way in places like Poland, Ukraine and Belarus (particularly in the first half of the 20th Century), but I’m having a lot of trouble finding nonfiction books on the topic, at least in English.

I really want to get a flavour for the way people lived, the music they listened to, their literature, even stage plays, stand-up comedy, whatever I can find. Looking at that stuff is a great way to learn about a people, their worldview and their values.

Maybe biographies of writers, poets, community leaders? I’m not sure. Basically whatever I can find.

When I tried searches on Amazon, a number of the results were about WWII (from the German perspective, if you can believe that!).

I hate to think of how much knowledge was lost because of Shoah, and am hoping that it’s been preserved somewhere.

Ideally in eBook format (my old eyeballs do much better with the eReaders), but hardcopies are okay too.

Sorry about the length of the post!

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