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Help me in a Chabura, does H’ have a body?

Shulem! Where are the guemoire discussions here?

So, I need some help with a chabura I’m presenting on brachot, perek rishon. We have just seen that discussion about HaShem’s tfilim. That passage and others seems to implie that H’ has a physical form. But I know from the 13 ykarot and perek rishon of iesodot a tora on the mishna tora that הקב”ה has none. Anyway here are my questions:

Was the belief that HaShem has a physical form a significant controversy in the past, given that רמב”ם ע”ש felt the need to addressed this in the 13 ykarot? Did people used to believe that ‘ה had a physical form?

Rambam’s proof that HaShem doesn’t have a body is based on a single drasha, but I’m not sure where that drasha came from. Does anyone know? Can you give more proofs?

Any insights would be much appreciated!

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