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Help me find a siddur? (aka does my ideal siddur exist?)

Hi–I’m hoping you all can help me find a siddur which will work well for me.

Background is conservadox upbringing/traditional now, mizrahi, with full Hebrew fluency. I went to day school K-12 and have knowledge of the tefilot, I also come from a Kabbalist background and family, but I don’t have a lot of experience in that, and am hoping to integrate it into my davening.

I am hoping to find a siddur that:

  1. Contains both weekday and shabbat services (edot hamizrach or sefardi preferred, but OK with ashkenazi)
  2. Has correct Hebrew and a well-written English translation/commentary
  3. Is nice to look at (not necessarily gold and crowns and such but should be a pretty book); would be cool if it had pretty pictures, or at least nice typesetting–bonus points if it’s small and compact or has both a travel and regular version.
  4. Ideally has some sort of Kabbalah/Spiritual integration, whether through specific additions of tefilot and/or commentary, but that doesn’t take away from regular davening.

Any recommendations? Happy to clarify more things in the comments!

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