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Help, I can use advice on Shidduchim/Dating in Covid-19 times.

Hello, as the Title states I can use some advice on what people do in these troubling times or where can I turn to meet people online/ or IRL with keeping to the guidelines,

I had 3 different people in the past helping me find Shidduchim but due to the pandemic nobody is working anymore in helping me, so I have been sadly for about 6 months with almost no suggestions.

now not only do I need new means to meet people I need help with how to do this within covid-19 times

I don’t like using social media means like Facebook but I am not opposed to using it if necessary (but i rather not if possible.)

and I tried looking up some apps to use but most of the reviews for them don’t look so good and I’m afraid to pay for anything unless it is well established that it is worth the money.

I’m interested in religious orthodox and getting married.

thank you very much in advance for anyone willing to help.

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