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Help Finding Jewish Art Collectors for historical piece

I have the original sketch work/study for a fairly famous oil painting by the Jewish painter Moritz Daniel Oppenheim circa 1843, The Rabbi’s Blessing. It was authenticated in the 1970’s when it changed hands last and went for its professional appraisal etc. Prior to Covid I actually contacted the Sherwin Miller museum to see if they wanted me to lend it to them for display, but they never responded. The oil painting it birthed was sold at auction some years back for a very hefty price tag, and was then donated to the Jewish Museum. Oppenheim is known as the “first Jewish painter of the modern era.” I was recently diagnosed with a disabling illness, and surgeries and treatment are financially daunting as a single mom, so I think it is time to sell it. I honestly want it to be shown and enjoyed. Years ago I sold an MGM dress made for Katharine Hepburn and worn in Adam’s Rib, and sold to a collector who lends it out to display with other pieces of hers he’s collected, and that made me so happy. It is collecting dust right now stored safely away, when it is a little piece of history. I’ve contacted a few museums, but never hear anything back, so if anyone has any advice I would really appreciate it.

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