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Help finding a quote in Hebrew?

Hey all, I’m not converting (born into this thing of ours lol) but I thought this tag was close enough.

I was hoping if someone could point me to the original Hebrew for the following statement:

All these holy souls come down into this world to inspire human beings and to take their places as is fitting for each one of them. When they come down each one is clothed in those souls that we discussed [the souls of converts], and that is how they enter into the holy seed. It is within these garments that they are able to exist and to be effected by the things of this world. When these envelopes draw desired things from this world, then the holy Neshamot are nourished from the odors that they smell in these garments.”

I read it on Chabad’s website, here. I tried to poke around a bit but frankly my Hebrew literacy is very bad. Thanks in advance for any help! And apologies if I’m just totally missing a citation on the linked page.

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