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Help dealing with discrimination

I’m seeking emotional support and advice for a situation I’m currently facing.

Below is a lengthy text, but I appreciate your time in reading it to understand the full context.

I’m 25 years old, with a white—I’m not as pale as milk—Irish-Mexican background. I converted to Judaism (orthodox) in the United States and currently reside in Mexico City. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered significant discrimination from none other than the Mexican Jewish community against converts.

Recently, I registered on a mobile app similar to Macher USA, essentially a Mexican version run by the official Mexican Jewish community. To activate the account, one must submit a photo of the official ID and a selfie holding the same ID. The approval process takes 24 hours.

After submitting my passport photo and selfie, my account was swiftly approved. However, within 60 seconds of receiving the approval message, they deleted my account. The support agent informed me via WhatsApp that I needed to fill out a form from the Mexican Jewish Security Committee for account approval.

This form includes requests for personal references, a passport picture, and an inquiry about whether I am a convert or born Jewish (a question I find somewhat uncomfortable). I provided all requested information two weeks ago, but there has been no communication whatsoever regarding my account.

Considering that many other accounts are getting approved within 24 hours, and the fact that they asked if I’m a convert or not, leads me to believe that they are not accepting me because of that reason. I asked them directly if I had to wait more time or if it was a fact that my account was not going to be approved for the fact that I’m a convert, to what the support person replied “There’s nothing I can do”. I also called the security committee and also said “There’s nothing we can do”

What bothers me is not only the discrimination but also the lack of transparency in the process, as I’m unaware of who has access to my personal information. Moreover, there’s no privacy policy or official/public procedures for data handling and account approval. I’m certain that all my personal information is being shared in WhatsApp chats, which is not only ilegal but it’s also extremely oppressive since I can’t don’t anything about it. Meanwhile, born jews are getting approved within 24 hours.

Any advice on how to handle this from an emotional / religious point of view? Since I know there’s nothing else I can do.

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