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Hebrew Name for Patrilineal Convert

Hello! I’m a patrilineal Jew who grew up in a mostly secular household but began practicing more and more over the years. In my 40s I finally chose to formally convert through the reform synagogue we have belonged to for years. My dad and I looked for anyone in our family who had a Hebrew name and it didn’t seem to either be a tradition, or it wasn’t recorded/remembered over the years. It was neat to look through my grandparents’ and great grandparents’ prayer books, which ended up with my family, but only English names were written in them.

At this point I’ve gone through the teaching/learning, the beit din and the mikveh, and have a Hebrew name for myself. The second part of the Hebrew name has me stalled out and my rabbis don’t have much guidance. If I have a dad who taught us values, celebrated Passover every year and happily supported my formal conversion, should the name be bat Avraham v’Sarah, or bat “my dad’s English name because he never had a Hebrew name” v’Sarah? Nothing feels quite right.

Would love to hear other peoples’ experiences. Thank you!

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