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Hebrew Knights/Unit Inspiration (Friendly discussion)

“1703 – Against all odds, a small force of Hebrew Knights striking out from their secret fortress destroy the Templar stronghold at Acre.”

Hi all! I’m Christian, but extremely interested in learning more about Jewish history! There’s a new table-top game coming out based on an alternate timeline where actual Hell took over Israel and the Holy Land, and the quote at the top is a timeline footnote that was the most significant event of that century. The game is called Trench Crusade, and it’s about the people of the Abrahamic faiths fighting the forces of Hell and its heretic allies in WWI. I’m wanting to brainstorm ideas for a Jewish/Hebrew faction, but am ignorant of Jewish people’s history aside from very major events.

If the Jewish people united outside of Israel before the founding of the Jewish state before the 20th century, what would such a faction look like? What religious orders and military units would you think would emerge? Would they be more isolationist, or actively seek to work with the empires of Europe and the Church to try and retake the occupied holy land? This is just a fun alternate history/fantasy discussion post!

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