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Have you reached out to your Muslim friends since the war started? Or vice versa

Following October 7, I started reconnecting with several old friends. I live in Israel currently, so a few people reached out to me to check in, including a dear friend (a sister of my soul) who is Muslim and used to live in Israel but now lives abroad. We had some tough but important conversations in those first few weeks

I also found myself disconnecting from some formerly close friends who posted things that shocked me. Mostly the American lefty types saying Jewish people can never understand what it means to feel unsafe since we are white. It hurt too much to try to argue with them when my husband had friends missing, and we had rocket sirens almost daily for awhile.

However I have different feelings towards a couple or other old friends who are Muslim. Even though they posted anti Israel stories, I understand why more. Especially if they know people caught in the conflict… And a part of me wants to reach out and check in. But I’m not sure I have the emotional capacity to deal with it. We see our pains as so separate but they’re very interconnected. And I don’t know if reaching out will make it worse or not. I honestly haven’t talked to them much the last few years, but I find myself thinking of them more lately

Maybe I just want to find some humanity in this madness

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