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Have you heard of this theory?, what do you think about it? (Abraham/Exodus/history)

So I was surfing on the internet searching for some interesting facts, and something caught my attention. I found an article that talks about this theory that says that, according to Roger and Messod Sabbah (two french jews) in their book “The Secrets of The Exodus”, Abraham was Akhenaten, and then, Moses was only a general in the Egyptian Empire that liked what Akhenaten started. In essence, their major proof is the similitudes between the revolutionary idea of monotheism that both Abraham and Akhenaten brought to their society, and the fact that there isn’t very much of information about Hebrews leaving Egypt, so the explanation for this would be that Hebrews weren’t slaves, but part of the Empire itself.

I don’t want to offend anyone (if this is offending someone in a particular way), but it doesn’t sound fanciful to me, and a lot of history has been discovered or completed with conjectures of this kind. For example there is this other book called “Exodus” by Richard Friedman that I read where the author explains that maybe only the tribe of Levi were enslaved in Egypt. But Roger and Messod theory goes further an I just want to know if, in case you are students or teachers or biblical archeology, this is a common theory or something that has been thrown away.

Or in any case, if the Exodus happened at all. For example, there’s an ancient Egyptian papyrus (Ipuwer Papyrus) that talks about a rough time and some people believe this is a proof of the ten plagues.

Shabbat Shalom (still shalom in my country)!

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