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Have you ever experienced divine providence?

I’ll tell you of one such experience I had in my own life and let you go from there.

Something like 10 years ago I had a vivid dream I was in the back of a cop car in handcuffs… There were two police outside (1 male and 1 female) it was dark out and there was a sign in the lawn near my car.

The dream was too much like I was watching a movie to feel like a regular dream and so when I woke up I panicked and started praying. “God I don’t want to be arrested.” A voice inside me said “It’s going to happen, and it’s going to be for your own good.”

This was after some other things had happened to me, which had me convinced God was real 100%.

Anyways with that it mind I spent the next year trying not to get arrested because I was shook. I was working as the national quality manager for a big company and flying around the country doing audits. My direct boss was the COO (chief operating officer) of the company and the two of us got into a lot of mischief together. It wasn’t uncommon for just us two to run up a $600-800 bar tab on the company card, and anytime we were in Cali (where he lived) we would have parties after the local clubs closed with lots of girls, blow and booze.

I had gotten my stomach pumped from drinking in Texas and by all accounts I was an alcoholic.

My grandma died and I went home for a week for the funeral. I ended up at a bar drinking pretty heavily. When I got to the bar my heat was working fine but by the time I left it suddenly didn’t work anymore. It was January in the Midwest and my windshield was completely frozen. I didn’t have an ice scraper so I did my best to carve a little hole in the frost so I could see.

It kept fogging over causing me to lean forward to wipe it and I eventually got pulled over by a cop right outside my apartment complex. It was around midnight. Long story short I refused to breathalyzer and I ended up in the backseat of the very same cop car, with the very same cops and the very same sign in the lawn as the dream. (It was the sign outside of my apartment).

I got 18 month’s probation with random alcohol testing. It ended up causing me to be fired from that job.

I stopped drinking and never touched blow again.

“It’s going to happen and it’s going to be for your own good.”

Sure was.

So based on that I know God knows every detail of our lives before they happen. I also know he plans events for specific reasons.

I have another even crazier story, but I’m curious to hear what you guys have got.

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