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Hasmonean and Revolt military equipment?

I’ve read sparse and often spurious reports contradicting whether the Hasmoneans had a fully Hellenized military, or whether strong local elements continued to exist. Quite a few things I’ve read claim that local slinging traditions rubbed alongside local light infantry and even some heavy infantry traditions involving the use of scale armor, alongside imported phalanx styles. Some emphasize the guerrilla nature of Judean military actions over the organized warfare of the Greeks and Romans.

Does anyone have a good answer to the question of what, exactly, the Hasmonean army might’ve looked like? How much of it was derived from native West Asian and Canaanite traditions versus how much was pulled from Greco-Roman gear and models of warfare?

Another thing I’d like to figure out is actually related to an artistic depiction from antiquity that portrayed, in essence, the Jewish Revolts being an East vs. West thing. The relief (I think it was a relief) showed the Jewish general wearing Persian arms and armor, fighting against Romans. This is almost certainly symbolic, I do not imagine Persian equipment would’ve been common in the area, but it provides an interesting frame of the conflict. However, I’ve struggled since first seeing it and reading about it to actually find it again – does anyone have a clue on this?

Lastly, is there any indication on what the Temple Guards used for their equipment? Did they have any, really, or were they more like bouncers?

Thanks for your input everyone, depending how it goes, I might end up asking r/israel about this too.

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