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Hasidic Jewish on flight to Israel?

I’m waiting for a flight back to Canada, and encountered a surprising number of Hasidic Jewish folks at the airport, far more than I usually encounter walking around New York. I noticed soon after that there was a flight to Israel, and sure enough most of them started boarding that flight. I noticed they had a ton of suitcases with lots of luggage, as if they’re moving to Israel permanently (though this is just a guess on my part).

In light of recent events in Gaza, can anyone speculate on why large numbers of Hasidic Jewish folks are flying to Israel? Is it to support the war against Palestinians? I’m asking out of genuine curiousity without judgement. Because my understanding was that Hasidic Jewish are traditionally anti-Zionist. But it looks a lot like they are traveling/moving to Israel… Which looks like condonation of the war to me, though I admit I’m ill-informed in politics though I am sympathetic to Palestines (NOT TO HAMAS). What am I missing here?

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