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Hashkafic Books

Hope I am not violating any rules (long time lurker, first time poster).

Does anyone have any book recommendations that discuss hashkafic issues that put traditional Orthodox Judaism into a modern context, especially with regard to modern cosmology, eschatology, etc.?

Background: I am practicing MO, FFB, etc. I read the Lawrence Kelemen (permission to receive/believe) books a long time ago, but remember not being overly impressed (maybe they are worth a re-read). I’ve always had hashkafic issues but lately the feeling that Judaism just doesn’t seem to have anything to add to our current understanding of man’s place in the universe seems pervasive. Basically any time I go down that rabbit hole I end up feeling like Larry Gopnik in A Serious Man.

For better or worse, the rabbi I am closest to is Chabad, and their approach to these issues has been very dissatisfying to date. Maybe I should make him watch the movie.

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