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hashgafot and sustainable living for a baal teshuva

As my Jewish status is in question (see post about giyur lechumra), I am forced to face myself and Hashem more honestly than ever. Beit dinim, this rabbi and that rabbi, the sephardi, the rosh yeshiva, the chabad rabbi, the modox guy — I’ve heard many viewpoints about the status of orthodoxy. It is clear to me that this is one of the most highly political arenas I’ve ever entered, and I used to work in Washington DC.

Reddit Jews, I’d like your input about hashgafa. It’s a relatively new concept for me that I realize is very essential. This is because bzh I will marry soon (single but davening), and should know my hardlines. Being baalas teshuva, my mother will ask me: “are you going to shave your head? Will men and women dance separately at your wedding?” No! I am modern but connect to torah and our tradition deeply. I don’t believe torah exists in a vacuum or that a status of being a good jew is limited to Lakewood.

I want to live as much as possible as a talmudic jew with modern considerations. Clear boundaries on shabbos, kashrut and niddah. But honestly I would eat in a vegan restaurant. It’s not ideal but I would do it. I care about tzadikim but don’t need photos of them in my house. I’m not meticulous, I’m growing and I’m comfortable growing.

What is most important to me is cultivating a kosher, holy environment, and treating both Jews and gentiles as parts of Hashem’s precious creation.

Halachos for sure will play a role in my life because I see them as a guide to life. I however as baalas teshuva want to choose a route of yiddishkeit that is sustainable. I don’t want to go OTD. I don’t want my kids to go OTD. I want clarity, unity, and to live modernly and jewishly with the torah and the teachings of chazal etc.

I would appreciate input on the nuances of hashgafot as well as matters that I might be blind to at the moment?

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