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HaShem Is One

HaShem Is One

In the year 5507 (1746), the great sage and founder of the Chassidic movement, Rabbi Israel Baal Shem Tov, ascended to the chamber of Moshiach, as he wrote in perhaps the only document verified to have been personally written by him. In that letter, he writes of his dialogue with Moshiach, as follows:

“I asked Moshiach, ‘Master, when will you come?’ And he replied, ‘By this shall you know; It shall be at a time when your teachings will become famous and revealed in the world and your wellsprings will spread out; that is, what I have taught you and you grasped, so that they too will be able to affect unifications and ascents like you. In that time all the husks of evil (kelipot) will cease to be and it shall be a time of grace and salvation.’ I was bewildered and greatly distressed about the length of time involved, and asked myself, ‘When could this possibly be?’ However, while I was there, I learned three beneficial methods and three Holy Names that are easy to learn and explain. My mind was then set at ease, and I thought that with these teachings the people of my own generation might ascend, learn and attain the same level as myself, to be able to ascend and to learn and perceive as I do. However, I was not granted permission to reveal this during my lifetime.”

However, now that we are on the threshold of the Messianic era, the time has come for these teachings to be revealed in the world. To find the answer to this riddle, we must turn to the Masters of HaShem’s Name, who are the keepers of this knowledge. Rabbi Yosef Gikatilla, peace be upon him, was the ultimate master of this knowledge and the greatest of teachers, as known by anyone who has studied his Shaarei Orah – The Gates of Light, and as attested to by his universal acceptance by all Torah Sages. In this wondrous work, Ginat Egoz, which was mostly hidden for nearly eight hundred years, he reveals the three methods and three Holy Names, explaining them simply, so that they may be understood by everyone.

Now available in English for the first time, under the title HaShem is One, this book is a must read for anyone who wishes to behold that great and wondrous day when, as the prophet (Isaiah 11:9) states, “The earth will be filled with the knowledge of HaShem as the waters cover the ocean floor.” Available for free download, or purchase at

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