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HASHEM allowed a Jewish Convert to break up with his non Jewish girlfriend so he can convert.

24 Male US, I am EXTREMELY confident and satisfied that Hashem has allowed me to break up with my non-Jewish girlfriends (gf). For some time i had expressed my desire to her that i wished to convert to Judaism. In my heart I know Orthodoxy is what I want to convert to. I knew that she would not convert to Judaism and I prepared myself to have a conversation with her one day where before I begin my conversion process to break up.

I felt nervous to have this conversation with her as it would have meant losing her. However due to an argument and recent heated discussion we broke up. At first i felt sad that this person had blocked me and said they were moving on with their life after being together for 7 months. However today (after watching some mussar on YouTube) It hit me that I am FREE! Free to make the choice to convert to Judaism without having to persuade my significant other. I now feel that I am building the car (converting o Judaism) and in time Bezrt Hashem I will find the right passenger to accompany me on this ride.

To anyone feeling like your partner is holding you back form making the choices you want just remember.. if you were to die tomorrow would you really want to die with having lived your life without accomplishing your full desires? If not then pray to G-D and you will be presented an opportunity to change.

Hope to hear any similar stories or thoughts on this.

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