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Has anyone used a matchmaker before? Legit or scam?

So I talked to one this week and they charged me an absurd amount of money as a quote given they dont seem to do a whole lot. Didn’t accept it yet and want to get opinions from others before I move forward. It’s an insane amount of money (like 1/5 of my yearly salary if I do the top package).

Has anyone used such a service and have any impressions? Recommendations?

I’m concerned it’s a scam, and I dont like the fact there’s no guarantee. I know in the religious world matchmakers only get paid when someone is married, so there’s an incentivized outcome. Here it’s just the act of giving you dates….

I almost feel like I’m bribing people to go on a date with me….which feels super depressing imo. Like I dont think I’m that bad of a guy.

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