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Has anyone taken a year off in the middle of grad school or undergrad to go to yeshiva/seminary?

I am in law school. I want to go to seminary in Israel. I should have gone before law school, but I wasn’t as religious then and didn’t realize how important it was as a BT to go to seminary. I feel like my neshama NEEDS to go to seminary! But the idea of taking a year off of law school seems totally crazy. However, I don’t want to wait until I graduate law school bc I’d like to go to seminary while I’m still young. Especially since I plan to do shidduch dating and my rebbetzins have told me I probably won’t get the best matches if I haven’t gone to seminary. I think it’s important that I go to seminary while I’m still young so I can start dating before I’m in my late 20s. My soul is so desperate to learn torah full time but I don’t know whether I should take a year off school! I plan to go to seminary for the summer, but I think that isn’t long enough and I’d really love to go for a year. Thoughts?

please only answer if you are familiar with BT seminaries and shidduch dating

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