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Has anyone (mixed background) adopted the minhag of the Jewish community from their non Jewish side?

I’m Jewish halachically from my mom’s side (Ashkenazi) and my dad is not Jewish but has a background from another country— don’t want to say which, but this country does have a history of Jews though not tons, let’s pretend it’s Syria.

I wasn’t raised observant at all and because of abuse reasons I don’t really want to adopt my mother’s minhag but as I get more and more into orthodoxy I really should start being consistent. My local community is a mix of people who are Eastern and Western Ashkenazi and some Sephardim.

Would it be weird to pick up a “Syrian” minhag even though the Syrian side of my family isn’t Jewish? I feel like it would be a nice way of bringing my identities together while avoiding my mother’s minhag, though she wasn’t raised frum either.

Has anyone else done this or something similar?

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