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Has anyone Hebraized their surnames recently? What brought you to your new name?

I’m a Mizrahi Jew. I’d love to reclaim my Hebrew roots but I’m not entirely sure on how to go about it in the most authentic way possible.

I don’t want to reveal my name for anonymity reasons, but I will say that it contains the “-ov” prefix at the end, so that’s the first thing I’ll do, drop the “ov.” If my understanding of my ancestors’ history is correct, it was added to their names to “blend in” their diaspora country and not be targeted.

Luckily, the rest of my surname before “ov” is the Hebrew name of one of my great grandfathers. Since it’s already in Hebrew, I’m thinking of keeping it at that, or maybe I’ll add “Ben”(son of) at the beginning, since it is, after all, a distant father of mine. I know Ashkenazis did this. For example, “Davidson” would become “Ben-David.”

How did you guys do it?

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