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Has anyone heard the Yiddish or Hebrew word zhuzh-y?

I see zhuzh is a word on google meaning something different but my Jewish stepmom used to specifically say “they’re being too zhuzhy” (juj-y/ jhuzh-y) meaning when someone is doing too much, like being kind of comically, cheesily over the top.

Like for example one time we saw a 1940s style band that was really cheesy and not very good to the point that it was kind of funny, and she’d say “oof they’re too zhuzhy it’s making me uncomfortable”. Another time we saw a belly dancer performance but it was kind of a low budget thing and not very good and again the perfect word to describe the dancer was “zhuzh-y”. Has anyone else heard of this word or was it just my stepmom’s invention??

(She has passed away now so I can’t ask her but she was a wonderful woman, this post sounds like she would just make fun of people but not the case at all and she was so funny too, it’s hard to describe how she would say this word and the meaning she gave it!)

Edit – for context she was American and Ashkenazi

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