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Has anyone else seen this video? I thought it was a really good discussion of antisemitic tropes and how they have propagated through history.

When I saw that pop up in my YouTube feed I was immediately like “uhh what the fuck?” But after a couple of minutes it became really clear that this was an actual, honest discussion of antisemitism, not some antisemitic screed.

He dives deeply into the history of antisemitism in Europe (and later in the middle east and north Africa) and how those old antisemitic tropes pop up today in national political rhetoric. He also talks about the consequences of that kind of rhetoric for Jewish people, and at the end I think he does a really good job discussing how to criticism the Israeli state without falling into common antisemitic tropes, and how antisemitism has gotten so much worse in the last few months because of those tropes being thrown around so willingly by more people because of the conflict in Gaza.

It was good enough I figured I should post it here.

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