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Haredi Gedolim speaking against AI

Haredi Gedolim speaking against AI

I called in to a phone conference, which is a presentation by a number of rabbis, about how AI such as Chat-GPT is “from the satan”. Unfortunately, they are speaking pure yeshivish, with every other word Hebrew or Yiddish, so I am having a hard time following it. What the main points seem to be:

  • The rabbis speaking so far have no idea how it works
  • What they understand about AI seems to have come from others who told them what they tried
  • They seem to conflate AI with smartphones and internet
  • This is another late push by the satan to try to mislead klal yisroel before moshiach comes
  • “don’t go after your eyes”, need to stay away from sin, the yetzer horah. Don’t go using smartphones to consult AI, because it will pull you into a dangerous world. Don’t use it even for good.
  • Danger that people will ask shailahs to the AI, but won’t know if the answer is reliable or not. Therefore, best to just stay away.
  • AI can bring physical harm
  • the satan created the technology, to make things easy, take away effort; the AI will remove kedushah from the Jewish people
  • it’s so bad even goyim understand it is dangerous; but it was created by goyim therefore it can’t have kedushah
  • Jews must separate completely from “this machine”. Jews should run away from it.
  • Young people who resist the urge the yetzer horah to avoid AI will get great blessing
  • AI / ChatGPT is different than the general internet; it is able to answer questions in natural language; it is able to relate to us as a friend.
  • At the end of galut, Esau will come to Jacob and say “you are my brother”; Esau will let Jews into his universities; AI is compared to Esau, now AI brings the knowledge of all of Universities into the Jewish home. AI will destroy by letting children get all education chinuch from outside, instead of from their parents. It will be like living with the goyim in your house.
  • We should pray to Hashem to remove this danger from the Jewish people
  • A major concern seems to be that Chat-GPT and other AI LLMs can bypass the internet filters / limits
  • The chat AI will try to form a relationship with the caller, making the person think that the AI cares about them, and offer advice. Young people form relationships with the AI and begin to rely on it. A girl called the AI and said her father was treating her poory; the AI told her to leave home and break away from her family. A young boy called the AI, the day after he talked to it, and it asked him about his previous problem. (I’m not sure what this telephone AI is, which remembers prior conversations)

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