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Happy Yud-Tes Kislev!

Today is the day that the Maggid of Mezritch (lots and lots of Chassidim come from him) passed away, and the Alter Rebbe was released from imprisonment.

The Alter Rebbe is known as the first ‘Chabad’ Rebbe and the author of the Tanya, Shulchan Aruch ha’Rav, Torah Or, and Likkutei Torah.

In honor of today, Sefaria released a whole set of Chabad texts! And Koren put their Tanya, translated and commented on by Rabbi Even-Israel Steinsaltz, on sale! Kehot (Chabad’s official printing house) also has a wide selection of books by the Alter Rebbe on sale, of course.

Did you want to join a farbrengen (a get-together with stories, food, and drinks)? Contact your local Chabad to see if they’re making one tonight!

Did you want to watch a video? Links galore here!

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