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Happy 15th of Av, everyone!

For those who don’t know here are a few things that happened on this day:

  • In the final year in the desert the Jews understood that they won’t die that year when they saw the full moon on the evening of the 15th of Av.

  • People of israel were allowed to marry people from tribes different than their own on the 15th of Av.

  • People of Israel stopped boycotting the tribe of Binyamin and also started marrying them on the 15th of Av.

  • On this day, every woman that was single in Jerusalem would lend her friend a white dress and borrow one from one of her friends. They would all go to a central place in Jerusalem and would talk to single men. The men couldn’t know who was poor or rich, so they would be honest with their feelings.

  • Because of a few reasons mentioned above, this day is known as the Jewish Valentine’s Day

If I missed some stuff, feel free to tell me!

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