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Hanukkah stuff in Japan?

Title, basically.

I look for places to buy things for Hanukkah and/or to join candle lighting once or twice.

If any additional info is needed:

• I live in Tokyo and can reach anywhere in the greater Tokyo area but would strongly prefer not outside of it

• I’m Israeli and I speak Hebrew fluently

• The cheaper the better, but assume no upper bound on the budget

• In regards to things to buy, I’m looking for a Hanukkiah (+candles) and a dreidel or a few

• I assume Chabad Tokyo will host candle lightning, and at the same time I’m open to invitations in case you know of other places that hold them as well! Even joining on one night is enough. Would be even cooler if I can invite a friend or two but it’s not necessary

Huge thanks in advance 😄 ありがとうございます

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