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Hannukah pajamas ruminations

I got an advertisement for Hannukah pajamas, and my knee jerk reaction was annoyance at yet more Christmas-style commercialization of Hannukah.

But then I started thinking…. Hannukah lasts so much longer, that Hannukah PJs make (more) sense.

And gelt came from the Italian/Sephardic tradition of fundraising to buy clothes for poor Torah students.

So wouldn’t giving kids Hannukah PJs, and donating at least one pair for every child, be an awesome Hannukah tradition? For example, if you have three kids, you would donate three or six pairs of PJs to the local domestic violence shelter (after finding out what they need). That is actually rooted in our history, rather than in 1950s Christmas commercialization and Instagram madness. It is so weird that I instantly got frustrated, when Hannukah pajamas fit us better than Christmas pajamas fit Christianity. (Pun intended)

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