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Handle comments from other jews

So i’m ashkenazi, both my parents are ashkenazi. They’re both from eastern europe except for my mom, her dad is turkish jewish. My dad is polish but he looks pretty non european. So i have inherited his “genetics” i guess, i don’t look what people think ashkenazi jews look like. And i always seem to get those comments from my fellow ashkis. How do i handle those comments? It’s not mean comments, it’s just really annoying.

For example, i went to shul one day with my dad, this was a new shul. A person there literally asked me if it was hard for me to adopt ashkenazi customs (assuming i was married for some reason). I don’t think it was offensive or anything just a weird comment/question. Someone was shocked i could speak jiddisch fluently when that’s what we’ve been speaking in my family since forever and said it’s funny i can speak jiddisch when they, an “actual” ashkenazi (as they said) couldn’t even speak the language.

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