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hamsa bad luck?

okay, so, this is ridiculous and i’m on my boyfriends account rn but i just had to post this LMFAO so, for backstory, i’m jewish, my dad’s jewish, my bubba was jewish, my bubba’s mother was jewish, her husband, and so on. i’m not religiously jewish, but i’m ethnically jewish and celebrate hanukkah:) anyways, i ordered this cute little hamsa necklace off of etsy and it already was kinda eh when i got it bc it was smaller than described and the eye was a sky blue instead of a dark blue like it said it was. anyway, i’ve been having terrible luck when i wear it😭 the first time i got it in the mail, there was a hornet in my room somehow… and then the second time i wore it, my anxiety went off and i got into an argument with my bf then the third time, my parents started arguing and my wifi started messing up… and i can’t help but think it’s not a coincidence when SO many bad things happen as soon as i put the necklace on. it’s also to be mentioned that it’s an upside-down hamsa, which i wasn’t aware of bc i didn’t really know you could have it upside down or upright and it means different things.. anyways, i found out the upright version is for protection and the downright version symbolizes luck among other things… but if that’s true then why am i having such bad luck it seems when i wear it??😣 it’s really cute and i love how it looks but i don’t love what it does is it because i’m not a religious practicing jewish person?? but that shouldn’t be why because i’m still jewish and a BIG part of my family is jewish (both religiously and ethnically) although i’m just ethnically jewish, i don’t think it should effect anything negatively also, religiously, i’m some sort of pagan. secular pagan i think as of rn. idk, still figuring out religious beliefs and everything!!

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