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Halacha re: who can recite one of the Sheva Brachot blessings at a wedding (at the chuppah ceremony)

I was at an orthodox (very religious family, shomer shabbat, yeshiva types) wedding where certain relatives were selected to each recite one of the sheva brachot during the chuppah.

Based on who they asked (and didn’t ask) – I am trying to find any halachic reasoning without directly asking the family because I don’t want to start something. There were more distant relatives chosen instead.

I suspect there may be halachic opinions about who is preferable or suitable to say one of the blessings, such as, whether someone is, married, or is shomer shabbat, or intermarried, or gay, or any kind of “undesirable person”. I have seen only a couple of questions like this online – for example this one –

But my problem with this answer is that the sources are, for me, very difficult to track down and I want to know the sources/reasoning for these things. In this article, for example, it is referring to Igrot Moshe and then I find that Igrot Moshe is intentionally not translated to English anywhere, and I’ve gone so far as to find a hebrew text of it and use Google Translate but this is becoming a time consuming treasure hunt – most likely for answers that will make me mad or sad, anyway.

Bottom line, if anyone knows this answer or can share insight, please do. I don’t want to ask anyone I know in real life because it is impossible to ask the question without stirring up a conflict.

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