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Halacha binding or not? A bind for Jews

From my experience, Orthodox and Conservative Jews seem to believe that halacha (Jewish law, communicated by G-d) is binding and normative (as a baseline, Jews within these denominations of course disagree over strictness). While, Reform, Reconstructive, and Humanistic Jews seem to believe that halacha is not binding and not normative.

Because of the nature of halacha (and its essential link to theism) it seems like this is an unfixable bind we find ourself in. Without proof of G-d, at least on the balance of probabilities, we verify the validity of the Orthodox and Conservative Jewish position.

Whereas, the Reform, Reconstructive, and Humanistic position seems more tenable as it does not rest on an unverifiable premise. This is because there’s little insistence on G-d’s commandments, and more on supernatural inspiration. The latter of which can be perfectly and logically be explained away with pantheism (G-d = nature/everything) which affirms the Reform position that personal/historical biases have been written into halacha and that Moshe was inspired by G-d (ie, ‘nature’/’everything’ – his culture, own morals, objective ethics, etc). Alternatively, more Humanistically, we could say we follow some parts of halacha because it is (1) ethically permissible and (2) its part of our culture and heritage – in that order.

But maybe G-d does exist and Orthodox and Conservatives are correct and we should deploy faith (belief without proof) to uphold the theistic premise that underpins the belief that halacha is binding – if so why are we putting faith in the Jewish G-d and not Allah, polytheism, or anything else? Once again, this seems like an especially unfixable bind for Orthodox and Conservatives theists.

Can anybody help fix this bind – maybe synthesise pantheism (which seems more feasible than theism) with a binding halacha: perhaps G-d = nature, nature (reason and empiricism) favour certain ethical actions and therefore SOME parts of halacha are binding? Or maybe persuade me into the complete theistic Orthodox or Conservative position?

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