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Halacha and science question

The recent thread on what husband and wife are allowed to do in the bedroom had one commenter leaving a link from a chabad decisor that stated that if penetrative intercourse is had with a light on (or candle lit nearby, etc.) then the child with have epilepsy. And if not in childhood, then surely in adulthood. Given that this is at least an empirically verifiable claim (and hopefully needless to say, empirically false), and given that it was the justification for a prohibition, how does the Halacha in various orthodox streams react or change? I guess I’m struggling with the imposition of a stringency justified by obviously false causal claims. I can see arguments for why electricity is like fire (or building) but in this case — the claim that sex with the lights on guarantees a child with epilepsy — it seems like once this is known to be false, the decision should be revisited? Or is it just, “that was the decision with the information/beliefs at the time, held by the decisor, there’s nothing we can do now.”?

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