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Halacha and Chumra

So basically, let’s imagine the following situation:

A young jew, who was never religious, decides to become a BT, more observant than his/her family.

There’s only one synagogue nearby, let’s say it’s Chabad, in order to simplify. He/she starts going there, alone, and starts following some of the rules about shabbat, kashrut etc.

Although he/she goes to this specific synagogue, they don’t identify specifically with Chabad, and would prefer going to a conservative community, for example.

How does he/she choose which chumrot to follow? Is it ok to choose according to a subjective (personal) opinion, or since they go* to Chabad, it’s better to stick with their chumrot, even if he/she doesn’t feel a connection to them? Or do they follow conservative chumrot, which may also vary depending on the community?

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