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Haircutting Rules and Restrictions

Monday night Tuesday morning (or some hold Tuesday night) we can finally cut our hair, for people that hold Lag B’omer is the cutoff (I’ll see myself out after getting the question answered)

But we obviously have restrictions for cutting our hair with CoVID, and with halacha.

What are the restrictions FOR CUTTING THE ACTUAL HAIR? I know I can shave my facial hair with an electric shaver (as long as I don’t cut the side burns). But is there any other restriction for on top of the head? I guess I could shave it bald, and I’ve gone pretty close in the past when I had an exposure to some irritants (cleaned out an attic).

They have shavers nowadays that are…deeply intimate and rated such. Is the manscaped shaver a good idea, or does it cut too close for halacha? I remember reading something about a poisoned blade, there are special rules as to the quality and closeness…I haven’t had a haircut since February (and I didn’t shave for a few days from before Pesach).

Edit: I’m going to rephrase the question because I wasn’t clear – I will not get access to my barber for at least 4 more weeks. I need to cut my hair – ideally, it will look nice, but at this point, it’s DIY, which will be difficult for a first-timer. What are the restrictions for cutting my hair, and what implements can be used / would be recommended?

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