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Had an Ominous Dream about Going to Shul

Okay guys– unpack this one for me.

I haven’t actually gone to a service since COVID.

So in my dream last night I went to a temple I’d never been to before. I didn’t know anyone there and everyone kind of looked the same (all the woman looked like a clone of eachother, super weird). In my dream I was outside the service but looking in through windows when 5 angels wearing black cloaks fell through the ceiling in the middle of the service. I ran in and was suddenly possessed by one of these ‘black cloaked angels’. People gathered around me and 4 other women who became possessed. People were scared and murmuring that I was pregnant (I’m not…).

The 4 other women were all related somehow, while I was the only one there with no family. It was so isolating and confusing and I really stuck out because I wasn’t one of their clones.

Please tell me your theories as to what this means….?

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