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Had a good Seder at the nursing home with my 100 year old grandma

It was 2019 when Papoo (grandfather) passed, and not long after that grandma couldn’t walk anymore and had to go to the local nursing home. They were married for 76 years. We used to do holidays at the grandparents, but it’s been a few years now…

This year they allowed guests at a meal for the first time in awhile…and it was good. I’ve been going twice a week to see grandma, but a holiday is special.

There were about 10-15 tables filled. I thought someone might bring their great-grandchild and I wouldn’t be the youngest there, but I guess not. So I got to start things off by standing and reading the four questions…and now I’m glad I was the youngest, since nobody else got to read. I’m old and need reading glasses now, but they had large type Haggadas. After this the service skipped a few pages and had more singing than we ever did, but it was good. A group service with ~40 old people is a bit different than a family gathering with 6-8 people.

I guess that’s mostly it. The matzoh ball soup was really good, I think. Didn’t have the haroseth like we used to make, which was one of my favorite things. I’ve posted some pics and recipes from the old days in r/JewishCooking

Here I am with grandma waiting for things to start

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