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Grief and mourning rituals among the historic or contemporary Jewish left

Has anyone read in fiction, nonfiction, memoir, or other genres … evocative accounts of Jewish communists, socialists, anarchists, unionists, or other types of Jewish leftists in mourning? In any era from 1890s through 1920s/30s to today? Mostly interested in European and American diaspora generally. Specifically interested in stories related to those growing up with folkshule as part of their lives, but that’s probably too specific. Please share titles, authors, citations, links, etc! I very badly would like some reading related to grief and ritual by and for leftists who grieved specifically as members of our diverse Jewish civilization. Even if this seems off to others by today’s practices or traditions or even politics, trust that this is sincere. I would like to study now, but it’s not urgent yet, kinehora.

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