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Greetings from a foreigner.

Hello there!

I’ll introduce myself as a being that’s eager for spiritual knowledge rather than a person compromised to any doctrine in particular, and a person that never showed interest into the holy scriptures until his mid-twenties… the indefinition made flesh. So having that in mind, I’ll ask the following question:

It is recommended for a ‘non-jew’ to study the Torah by his own?

I understand that the Old Testament in the bible would do the job just as well for understanding the historical basis of the religion, but as the curious, picky and fairly meticulous person that I am, I feel that reading the Torah would help for generating more commitment in my studies, because the tradition is longer and the scriptures are more ancient which makes it a more interesting read overall. I don’t know if I’m acting as an imprudent outsider here, as a non-jew this might feel odd for me just as it might be odd for you… Anyways, what would you recommend in this case?

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