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Grandparents tried to raised me Mormon but mom later raised me Reform because our lengthy Jewish background

This time of year always conflicts me as I’ve always had a nostalgia for Christmas.

My dad was Athiest, and Mom a Jew.

When my parents divorced my mom left the house with little me and my baby sister in tow as my dad was a horrible man. We moved in with my grandparents and my mom was very very poor and grateful my grandparents took us in. So when my grandparents started started taking us to church my mom didn’t want to say anything. It’s complicated, the relationship between my mom and grandma, but she just had to say nothing. So when my mom finally got her money up enough to where we could move out we didn’t go to church anymore and didn’t celebrate Christmas or the Christian holidays anymore.

I feel like I’m less of a Jew for liking the Christmas l holiday a bit as I grew up celebrating it with my grandparents when they still were with us, and it gave me lots of lovely memories.

Now this time of year I’ve been invited to celebrate Christmas with my Baptist boyfriend. His family is very respectful of my Jewish heritage and belief so there’s no issues there.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I’m a Jew who doesn’t practice Christianity but who just likes the memories and happiness that come out around Christmas time.

Does that make me a bad Jew? It sounds silly but I just feel guilty. I practice Judaism and engage in all our holidays.

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